Sparkle XRM

An open-source library for building Dynamics CRM XRM solutions using Script#, jQuery & Knockoutjs.

Build client slide HTML webresources with all the productivity of c#. Migrate from Silverlight webresources using the MVVM data binding. Share code between the server and client. GET INVOLVED

Rich clients made easy

Microsoft used Script# to write Dynamics CRM, so why not do the same using Sparkle XRM?

If you're a c# developer building HTML webresources for your Dynamics CRM Solution, then Sparkle XRM is for you.

Quickly retrieve data from the server using fetchXml and bind to data-grids and form fields. Use MVVM techniques to separate your HTML from your application logic, resulting in simpler and neater code. You can spend less time on the user interface and more time on the actual business logic.

Starting from scratch on any project can be a daunting tasks which is why Sparkle XRM provides example reference applications to give you that spring board you need.

Unlike Kendo-UI it has no commercial licensing making it free to use in your next project. Sparkle XRM is currently in it's initial development phase but due to be soon released as open-source once the first milestone is reached.

If you would like to contribute to this project, please GET INVOLVED.