The best way to learn is through example. Sparkle XRM aims to provide a set of reference examples that are complete XRM solutions that demonstrate who the library is used.

Part 1: Setting up a new SparkleXrm Project

Learn how to use the template to create a new SparkleXrm project

Part 2: Form Data Binding and Unit Testing

Learn how to unit test a ViewModel and binding it to an HTML View

Part 3: Editable Grid

Learn how to add validation and an editable grid to the HTML Webresource

Part 4: Bringing it all together on the form

Learn how to access the parent form context and auto resize the grid to fit available space.

Part 5: Localisation

Learn how to change the user interface language based on the users settings

Quote Line Editor

Demonstrates using editable grids and field data binding to create a quote line editor webresource.
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Keep track of the time you've spent on each activity over multiple sessions, then view and edit in a weekly timesheet spreadsheet.

  • Start/Stop timers via a dynamically populated Ribbon Split Button.
  • Dialog for stopping previous session and starting another.
  • Spreadsheet weekly timesheet entry showing aggregate totals grouped by activity.
  • Demonstrates date/time formats in different locales

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Scheduled Job Editor

Schedule a Workflow to run on a minute/hourly/daily schedule.
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Contact Editor

Simple master/detail Contact editor demonstrating simple MVVM data binding techniques.
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Multi Entity Search

Quick search similar to CRM 2015 but for CRM 2013
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More Samples in GitHub!

Fork the Repo and checkout many more samples in GitHub.